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What Is The Impact Social Digital Marketing Franchise

We offer a business model that we have called Social Impact Marketing Digital Franchise.

Possibility of learning to earn money from scratch. Virtually anyone can do it. Housewife, student, senior citizen, free time work.

Continue reading to know what it is and what its advantages are.

claudiu petru narita

Amazing Features

For All

Is for you. You will learn to earn money from scratch even if you have no previous knowledge and do not know anything at all, all you need is to feel like it.

Are you willing to work to change your current situation into something better?

You are in the right place!

We Produce Emotions

Accept in your life the best experience sharing the most successful and dreams fulfilled.

Why Franchise

A franchise is a proven business model that works. It guarantees that following the steps of those who have already succeeded you will be able to have it too.

 We put at your disposal all the necessary knowledge and materials and a direct and permanent contact with your mentor.

and Digital

Digital is basically because it is developed online (not discarding traditional methods).

We all know that today if you are not in the digital world you practically do not exist.

This is why you will receive training to stand out in the digital world.


The social route is the most effective of all since the beginning of time even before social networks appear.

A product sells more if you recommend it as a friend than if an expensive campaign is made.

Before they didn’t pay you for it, now they do.

Easy To Handle Features

Fully Documented

By getting the Social Impact Social Franchise you will have access to all the necessary tools to be able to earn from extra money until you have the possibility of obtaining your financial freedom. It’s up to you!

Your Time. Your Way

With my support you can dedicate the time you want. From a free time activity to a full time project.

You can choose the hours you choose according to your liking.

This activity can be done from anywhere. 

You can work from home, from the terrace of a bar, on the beach or wherever you want.

All that is needed is a terminal with internet connection. It can be a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. 

Claudiu Petru Narita
work from tablet and from mobile
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